globular cluster in Hydra

10.1'' reflector  Mallincam DS432cTEC with Nebular filter
Exposures = 2.5 sec, Gain = 40/250, Live Stacked frames = 90

Located about three and a half degrees south east of Beta Corvi (Craz), M68 is a loosely concentrated globular. Its southerly location (-23 declination) makes it a difficult target to pick out of the southern skies. It appears fairly dim, with a handful of resolvable stars across the face of the core and in front of what appears as a nebular unresolved core. Much of the dimness is likely due to the poor atmospheric conditions so low in the sky; post processing in GIMP on a Mallincam image was able to produce a decent image though. M68 is located about 34,000 light years away.

North at 12 o'clock, East at 9 o'clock