diffuse nebula in Orion

10.1'' reflector  64 x

Found M78 relatively easily about 2 1/2 degrees NE of zeta Orionis. It appeared immediately as a faint fuzzy patch, slightly oblong in the NE - SW direction. Applying the broadband filter to the eyepiece did not improve the view so simply observed directly. Don't see much definition in the fuzzy patch, slightly oblong about 6' across. The left (NW) edge of the nebulosity seems to be a little more sharply defined than opposite side. The right-most of two stars about 15' to the north (below right) of M78 is part of another fainter reflection nebula, NGC 2071; I did not notice any nebulosity there on the evening.

North at 5 o'clock, East at 2 o'clock