NGC 3184
the Little Pinwheel galaxy in Ursa Major

10.1'' reflector  Mallincam DS432cTEC with Nebular filter
Exposure = 12 sec, Gain = 19/250, Live Stacked frames = ~10

NGC 3184 is a spiral galaxy about 40 million light years away. Known as the "Little Pinwheel", it is similar in shape and appearance to the Pinwheel Galaxy, M101, although much smaller; in this image, it is about 4.5' across (as opposed to M101's 20+ arc minute size). There are a few bright emission nebula regions within the disk, including NGC 3180 which is an ionized hydrogen region that appears like a dim star at about 4 o'clock from the core, directly below the brighter star. Located near the hind feet of Ursa Major, NGC 3184 is about 45' west of the star Tania Australis.

North at 3 o'clock, East at 12 o'clock.