NGC 4452
lenticular galaxy in Virgo

10.1'' reflector  Mallincam DS432cTEC  with Nebular filter
Exposures = 10 sec, Gain = 50/250, Live Stacked frames = 20

Found this nifty little 12th magnitude galaxy by accident while panning through Markarian's Chain, it stood out from the background stars even in video mode with short exposures. It looked like a small gash or needle sitting in space! If you zoom in you can see a small bulge in the center of the disk. This lenticular galaxy from our vantage point is viewed directly edge-on, something that is relatively rare to see. According to Wikipedia, the thinness of this galaxy though is typical of spirals like our own Milky Way. The disk is 35,000 light years in length, appearing to be about 1.5 arc minutes long by about 10 arc seconds thick in this image.

To the right of NGC 4452 and just below the bright star is a dim fuzzy spot that is IC 3381, a 14th magnitude elliptical galaxy.

North at 1 o'clock, East at 10 o'clock.