NGC 5474
peculiar dwarf galaxy in Ursa Major

10.1'' reflector  Mallincam DS432cTEC 
Exposure = 20 sec, Gain = 15/250, Live Stacked frames = ~20

NGC 5474 is a peculiar dwarf galaxy that is a satellite of the Pinwheel Galaxy, M101. It is located about 45' SSE of M101. The appearance of this galaxy is quite odd; it's fan-shape and brighter core region to the left side is more reminiscent of a bright nebula than a galaxy. To the right of the core can be seen three subtle dark lanes, revealing a slight spiral structure. There is a strong gravitational attraction between M101 and NGC 5474 that apparently has distorted it to the point where the core is substantially offset from the rest of the disk of the galaxy.

North at 9 o'clock, East at 6 o'clock.