NGC 6960
the Western Veil in Cygnus

10.1'' reflector  Mallincam DS432cTEC with 0.5 focal reducer
Exposure = 19 sec, Gain = 13.5/250, White point = 255-201, Live Stacked frames = 30-40

The Western Veil, a spectacular large nebula located a little over 3 degrees south of Aljanah (Epsilon Cygni). Only a portion of the nebula fits into the degree-wide field of view. The bright star in the image is 52 Cygni. The cyan and pink portions are beautifully interwoven across the heavens while the Milky Way background provides a spectacular backdrop; the natural colours actually appear more red and blue but are modified with saturation to highlight the nebula. The Veil is expanding westward (up) and according to Burnham's is sweeping up material which is the reason there appears to be more stars below than above the nebula; in the image dark patches above the nebula can be seen suggesting there is obscuring material there.

The counterpart to the Western Veil is the Eastern Veil. The Veil is 2400 light years away and has a total radius of 65 light years.

North at 8 o'clock, East at 5 o'clock.