NGC 7331
spiral galaxy in Pegasus (Deer Lick Group)

10.1'' reflector    Mallincam DS432cTEC with 0.5 focal reducer
Live-stacked frames = 15-10-10 (35 total), Exposures = 15-20-30 sec, Gain = 10/250

NGC 7331, also known as Caldwell 30, is a 10th magnitude spiral galaxy about 8 arc minutes in length. Near to it are several smaller galaxies and objects known collectively as the Deer Lick Group (see below). In the same field of view, to the lower left of NGC 7331 is Stephan's Quintet, although this image does not display those objects very well.

North is at 1 o'clock, East at 10 o'clock

Blow-up of previous image

The Deer Lick Group is composed of various galaxies (also known as the "fleas") surrounding NGC 7331. NGC 7335 is a 13th magnitude lenticular galaxy that is about 1.23 arc minutes across. NGC 7336 is a 15th magnitude spiral. NGC 7337 is a barred spiral, and NGC 7340 is an elliptical galaxy. Per Wikipedia, these galaxies lie at distances of approximately 332, 365, 348 and 294 million light years, respectively, and although they are located close to each other from our vanatage point, they are not actually physically part of the same system.

North is at 1 o'clock, East at 10 o'clock