NGC 869 and 884 
Double Cluster (Eta and Chi Persei) in Perseus

2.4" refractor  28 x 
A crisp and bright dual cluster. Great under low power or binoculars.


10.1" reflector 64 x 
A beautiful star field, too many to count! The eastern-most cluster NGC 884 (chi) is slightly dimmer and less compact than the western cluster NGC 869 (eta). The brighter stars in chi form a rough 'Y' shape on its side, the stars in eta are more concentrated and shaped like a backward 'C'. Estimate about 1/2 degree between the two clusters.

North at 2 o'clock, East at 11 o'clock

10.1'' reflector    Mallincam DS432cTEC with 0.5 focal reducer
Live-stacked frames = 1, Exposure = 2 sec, Gain = 30/250

Stunning view with the Mallincam DS432cTEC - the 0.5 focal reducer widened the field of view just enough to fit both clusters.

North is at 10 o'clock, East at 7 o'clock