2.4'' refractor  117x 
August 2 1981 through December 31, 1981 
A time lapse sketch showing the phases of Venus through a 5 month period.

The August 2 sketch shows Venus just past full, slightly less than 20" in size.
As Venus progresses through its phases towards a thin crescent shape, it gets larger
as it gets closer to Earth, until December 31 when it is almost 60" across.

10.1'' reflector   Mallincam DS432cTEC with 5x barlow

Exposure = 9 msec, Gain = 1/250
November 27, 2021 

Venus on this date was about a month past greatest eastern elongation and at maximum brightness of magnitude -4.9, approximately 25% illuminated. Size is about 35 arc seconds across. At this brightness it is said that Venus casts shadows. Image stacked in Autostakkert using the top 25% of 1009 SER frames, post-processed (sharpened) in GIMP.

North at 1 o'clock, East at 10 o'clock