Partial Solar Eclipse
21 August 2017

80mm refractor   solar projection screen 
18:34 UT

Locally, the eclipse started at 1:17 PM EDT, was mid-eclipse at 2:35 PM, and ended at 3:48 PM. At eclipse maximum (shown above), the Moon covered 68% of the Sun.


18:37 UT

This is what the Sun/Moon combination looked like in the sky around mid-eclipse (2:37 PM). The Sun was very noticeably dimmer than usual. The blue sky was also noticeably paler and darker, especially towards the zenith.

18:38 UT

Photo showing the pale blue sky colour and how objects and surroundings on the ground looked noticeably dimmer.

80mm refractor   solar projection screen 
18:48 to 18:53 UT

Time-lapse collection of images, 5 minutes of elapsed time compressed into 6 seconds. The center-right edge of the Moon can be seen moving away from a sunspot, providing some sense of how fast the Moon was moving past the Sun.



80mm refractor   solar projection screen 
19:35 UT

Image of the event at 3:35 PM, about 13 minutes before the end. A small collection of sunspots can be seen center-right of the image. To the left, another elongated sunspot can be seen just above the Moon's limb.
80mm refractor   solar projection screen 
19:47 UT

Moon's limb leaving the Sun's image, about one minute before end of eclipse.