Solar eclipse

These were taken by my dad (I take no credit) while he and mom were in Antigua during the 26 February 1998 eclipse. They turned out so well that I had to include them here. He used an Olympus OM-1 35mm camera with a 210mm telephoto, Mylar filter (for non-totality shots) and Kodak Gold Ultra 400 film. Not too bad for a first attempt!  

se_150_1.gif (6378 bytes) se_150_3.gif (21030 bytes) se_150_2.gif (13005 bytes) se_150_5.gif (8364 bytes)
Totality, with Jupiter below and Mercury to the upper left  Totality; a good photo showing
the wispy entrails of the Sun's corona
The Moon as it begins to move
away from the Sun's disk
A brilliant shot of the Sun with lens reflections

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Click here to view a time lapse animation of the eclipse.      



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Last edited August 06, 1999