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That small bump in the snow over to the left is our dock.



Thereís still snow in the woods and ice on the lake though the ice has a slushy top of several inches. Nonetheless it managed to mess up the dock again as it does every year. I had it screwed and bolted down tight but no matter, the ice is relentless. We got off easier this year though, just some shifting and re-arranging to do when the water warms up, this year the cribs were not damaged.

Itís a bit early to rake leaves; that makes for two relieved teenagers.


Now for some leaf raking. Much as I try to put out food for the birds, the red squirrel or the chipmunks take over and monopolize the feeder. Oh well, put it away, the birds will find something else to eat (as will the squirrels). We didnít buy that nice finch seed for those guys . . .

Nice to see water instead of ice on the lake. The flooding on the shore has receded. Strong winds today and whitecaps on the lake!

Mothers Day weekend Ė still a bit early to call things green but itís getting there.  Vivianís garden is already popping up with purple, red and yellow flowers. Two larg-ish rabbits seem to like something down on the grass by the beach bunkie, they hung around the whole weekend. It would be interesting to know what they were eating because it looks like just ordinary grass.

By the long weekend, green is now everywhere. The boys surprised me by running and jumping off the end of the dock. I didnít think the water looked that warm, but . . .?? There were a few screams however.

I have found a mountain biking trail just up past Shouldice Lake which I will put a copy of in the cottage binder. Its probably an old logging road which the snowmobilers now use. Itís too rough for a casual family bike ride, but if anyone is more serious about trail riding it is ideal for that. Very beautiful scenery and very quiet out in the bush.

There is a strong gusty wind coming off the lake today, I keep setting up the lawn chairs, and the wind keeps blowing them over as if to say itís too early for sitting out and enjoying the day. The finches are furiously working at the birdfeeder, but the wind is so strong they have a balancing act just to stay on it.


Late May

Here are some photos of Upper Andrew and Moore Lakes. This is a remote location on the Bruce Trail, about an hour + south of High Dump.

The first is a large beaver dam where Moore Lake empties into a marsh at the east end of Upper Andrew Lake.

The second is of Moore Lake just before a thunderstorm went through.


Halfway Log Dump is a great place to check out if you like rock climbing, rugged shorelines, crashing waves (at least they were today).

Many photo opportunities here, these are only a few of the many great scenes.


This one looked to me like the ruins of a Greek temple with the straight line cracks and the "steps" at the far end.

Bears Rump Island is in the distance.




This large overhanging rock nicely frames Cabot Head in the distance (looking east from Halfway Log Dump (HLD)).

Here is the whole northern coast of the Bruce from HLD to Cabot Head.



Emmett Lake is close to Halfway Log Dump. It is popular for kayaking and canoeing.


On the way to HLD today we came across a Massassaga Rattlesnake. He was right on the trial, sunning himself

and we almost missed him walking past until he started to rattle. It sounded more like a buzz than a rattle.

This is a reminder that even though Rattlesnakes are becoming rare on the peninsula, they are still around, and one has to be mindful of them, especially when out on the trails.


Mid June - the water has been swimmable for the last few weeks, and the lake level is still very high. Here are a couple of solstice photos. The sunset is in the northwest, this is as far north as it ever gets.

While cycling on Ira Lake Road this evening I saw something amazing - 3 Sandhill Cranes were on the road and the ditch beside it. These are very large birds, larger than Blue Herons and their necks are straighter. They ran down the road away from me, and then took flight, the same way a large airplane needs to build up speed before it takes off. They must have had wing spans of 6-7 ft. 

There has apparently been  a bear in our area; a neighbour told me about it. Not a big concern, but it's a reminder not to leave out garbage, or even the bird feeder.

July - August

We've been on vacation ourselves, so have not been blogging much.

We have put the bird feeders away at the request of the ministry of environment staff. Also please ensure that the garbage bins at the entrance to the road are securely closed.

With that out of the way now to the good stuff . . . It's been an odd summer weatherwise, but for the most part each week has had its variety of sun, rain, warm, cool, occasionally even hot! When you come, plan activities and bring clothing suitable for a range of weather.

The water level has stayed high this year which is better for boating and for running off the end of the dock, but there is not much beach on our waterfront for young kids, whom we know like to dig, build castles, wreck castles, etc. The sand is still there, you just have to play *in* the water a bit more. But even with the water levels up, our waterfront area is still fine for young kids, the entry slope is so gradual that they can enjoy the water (with proper supervision of course).