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Games Day Toronto, August 17, 2002

For those who don't know, Games Day is an annual show put on by Games Workshop to allow their customers to play their games with new people and to see the latest developments in their product line. It's also the time when Forge World crosses the Atlantic to present its latest releases to Canada. This year's show in Toronto drew a large crowd, and I'm proud to say that I was among them with my brand-spankin' new digital camera. Here's a photo essay of my trip.

Entrance to Games Day Toronto exhibit hallThis is the entrance we used at the Toronto International Centre, conveniently located east of Pearson International Airport. Parking was ample, even close to the doors; a wonderful luxury in the high heat and humidity that day.
Here's an overview of the hall, taken from the mezzanine. My friend Tom was entering a model into Games Workshop's Golden Daemon miniature painting competition (more on this later) and I used the time to take a quick shot standing beside the entry table. Sorry for a bit of shake... I didn't bring a tripod, and lighting inside required a very slow shutter speed. I should have rested the camera on the railing, even though it gave a poorer view. Still, you can see the hall and the ENORMOUS banner at the rear, dividing the exhibit hall from the snack area. The Forge World booth is out of view down and to the right.Overview of the exhibit hall, from Golden Daemon registration desk
John next to games workshop's gate guard.Inside the hall we found a pair of gate guardians in the form of life-sized Space Marines. Standing next to one is John Crowdis, who also plays at the Games Workshop London store. White Dwarf devotees will have seen his Tyranid warrior diorama as one of the winners in issue #258, page 3.
Here's an enormous Mount Doom diorama for Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings game. A fair number of fans got the chance to play as members of the Last Alliance in the shadow of this looming (and smoking) model.Miniature Mt.Doom for the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings game

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