Games Workshop is a 27-year-old hobby company headquartered out of Nottingham (no Robin Hood jokes, please) in the UK. As you can imagine, getting from there to Toronto, Ontario is a bit of an undertaking, but with all us Canadian and American fans they somehow manage to get a few of the upper staff over for these shows. [Note; I apologise for the bad red-eye correction. My flash is MUCH more powerful than I expected, so I didn't use the red-eye reduction mode. That's a mistake I won't make again.]

Gav Thorpe, writer and head of Warhammer concepts. He's now in charge of their highly successful Warhammer Fantasy game. I didn't get a chance to meet him; this poorish shot was taken while he was on the podium announcing the Demon Slayer award winner.
Jes Goodwin, director of 3D designs, responsible for most of the plastic model designs and miniature concepts. He was present to give a talk on the future of GW's Warhammer 40,000 sci-fi game. I did get a chance to speak with him, and he was a fascinating conversationalist with an excellent depth of knowledge. If there weren't several dozen fidgiting people behind me I could have spent most of the show right there at his booth.
Tony Cottrell, director of Forge World, does the resin models for Games Workshop. He gave a revealing and amusing talk on what his legion of madmen was going to do over the next year. [Note to the die-hard Tau enthusiasts; the 1/48th scale Manta is right out, according to Tony's "all models must fit through the office door" policy, though he did ponder getting a larger door...] He is also an interesting person to speak with, chatting with him on the joys and sorrows of resin casting until the ladz came to herd us out of the seminar room.

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