Over the years Games Workshop has become many things, from publishing house to hobby supply store, but to its fans it is the Citadel Miniatures line that really draw attention. I'm no exception, so here's some of the new figures and displays shown at Games Day. As I crop and clean more shots, I'll put them up here.

Early castings for the new Grey Knights plastic models, next to Jes Goodwin's booth. [Fans should note the selection of force swords and halberds, as well as the wrist-mounted storm bolters. I wish I could include the new concept for Cypher, and the non-terminator Grey Knights, but those shots were washed out by my flash. Next year, a tripod for sure and damn the awkwardness.]
Forge World's new and enormous model, the Warhound Titan. The clerk behind the case is actually brushing his sleeve against the back of the case... the model stands almost 12" tall with the base.
The "Battle of Praag" diorama, with a large selection of GW fantasy figures. Stores all across Canada contributed painted figures to this enormous scene. The hand in the upper right is the only shot I could get of my excessively camera-shy friend, Tom Frank. (See, you will TOO show up on film!)
Close up of Praag's city wall. These crossbowmen were painted at the London (Ontario) GW store.
Another "Battle of Praag" close up. This Nurgle-possessed seige tower was painted by Drew, who also works at the London GW store.

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