This is the latest set of miniatures photos that I've cropped and cleaned for the page. Some come from presentations and displays, while others were entered into the Golden Daemon painting contest (more on this later).

A diorama called "Get thee behind me, C'tan!", entered into the Golden Daemon competition. Here the Arch-Confessor faces a heck of a challenge, one who's NOT in the mood for pennance... Once again inclusions in the display case's glass haunt my shots. I tried to filter them out, but lost too much detail to make the correction worth while. Sigh.
Also from Golden Daemon, an Orkish "fighta-bomma" model from Forge World painted red "'cause red wunz go fasta." Note the hapless goblin hanging from the tail, trying a last-minute repair.
A gaggle of Tau Hammerhead gunships, taken from one of the event tables. The shading on these tanks is excellent, and I'm pondering doing something similar with my own Tau vehicles. The high quality of the terrain tables is also evident here.
From one of the demonstration tables, a mutated Tyranid creature (warrior?) showing just how nifty converted figures can be. The pond and pod nearby also show how much terrain can accent a figure on the gaming table.
A computer-generated image of the then-upcoming (and now just-released) Valkyrie VTOL from Forge World. I'm looking forward to seeing one in person, as the photos of the completed model up on their web site look very good indeed.

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