At each show, Games Workshop holds its Golden Daemon painting contest. Here's some of the entries that caught my eye. I'll be adding more later, as I get more of the shots cropped and buffed.

Winning fantasy large model of a daemon, by Tim Kohlmetz. The speckling came from flaws in the display case's plexiglass, another problem made worse by using the flash. Note also that the colour is a little off in my shot. I managed to bring out the detailing in the wings, but lost some on the marvelous base.
Winning Lord of the Rings diorama, "You Shall Not Pass", by Ted Kalinowski. This was set in a light box, and made clever use of flourescent paint and programmed lighting effects. (Though it was a b**** to shoot...)
Paul Ting's Tyranid unit, about to devour some Deathwatch Marines (lower left)
John Crowdis's Land Raider Prometheus
Tom Frank's heavily converted and superdetailed Basilisk. This is the centrepiece of my friend's "People's Militia" tournament army. The detail on this piece is incredible, and I'll be putting more shots of this model on the NWLGG site later.
From the open category, a Tyranid monster made out of genuine bio-matter! I'll never look at table scraps the same way again.
Winning 40K large model, Ken Syrmopoulos's Tau commander. Foiled again by my uber-powerful flash, but I've managed to salvage most of the detail if not the colour saturation. This is one impressive looking piece.
2nd place 40K large model, a Wave Serpent by Joe Gallipeau. Note the "woody" effects on the engines, weapons, and shield projectors.
John Crowdis's winning battle scene, "Blue Thunda". In my highly biased opinion, this is a more dramatic shot than the one on GW's site! (Maybe I could crouch lower.) The only problem is that blasted flash glare...

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