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Scott Hussey's Army: Ultramarines

Big Red, Scott's veteran Ultramarine Sergeant.

Big Red, Scott's veteran Ultramarine Sergeant. Big Red was the centrepiece of Scott's entry to the Games Workshop Tyranid Hunter Squad contest.
Terminator squad, elite Marines with extremely heavy armour. Note the two assault cannon heavy weapons; together with the hand-carried stormbolters this squad is superb against light infantry at range. They can also destroy armoured infantry and tanks in close-combat with their strength-augmenting powerfists.Terminator squad, elite Marines
Tactical squad with heavy bolter and plasma gunTactical squad with fast firing heavy bolter and plasma gun, led by veteran sergeant with power weapon. This weapons fit is most suited to engaging light infantry, but can handle armoured infantry as well.
Razorback infantry fighting vehicle, armed with tank-busting lascannon and twin plasma guns for engaging armoured infantry and lightly-armoured vehicles. Note the extra armour plating on the sides.Razorback transport
Tactical squad with missile launcher and plasma gunTactical squad with missile launcher and plasma gun, the most versatile weapon selection. This squad can engage any target from light infantry to tanks.
Rhino armoured squad transport with additional stormbolter for fire support and extra armour plates. The spotlight helps targeting at night.Rhino transport
Assault squad with jetpacksAssault squad with jetpacks, highly mobile specialists in close combat. Note the sergeant's powerfist and the two plasma pistols, for anti-armour capability.
Predator medium tank, armed with infantry-busting autocannon and two heavy bolter sponsons. Add in the pintle-mounted stormbolter and this tank can put out a blizzard of anti-personnel fire.Predator medium tank
Whirlwind rocket launcherWhirlwind rocket launcher, for close-range indirect fire support. The rockets' large bursting charges are ideal for saturation bombardments and suppressive fire.

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