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Steve Patterson's Tau Army: Hunter Cadre El'Rico

Fire Warrior Cadre Sa'cea El'rico, of the Tau empire.
El'Rico in flight
Battle portrait of the cadre commander, Shas'el Sa'cea Yan'rico Ores, taken during a high-speed transit during the Battle of Indus Planatia. A classic battle of maneuver, El'rico used his cadre's superior agility to slow and eventually stop the Orkish Waa Ozkar without becoming locked in close-quarters battle.
Kroot squad leader Sharl Motte, breaking cover in a mock-ambush for the photographer. She and her squad demonstrated exceptional camouflage skills throughout their many campaigns as part of the cadre.Kroot sergeant Sharl Motte
Shas'ui Sa'cea Hudson and his PathfindersShas'ui Sa'cea Hudson and two of his Pathfinder team, rushing to set up another ambush point during the Battle of Indus Planatia. Exploiting the agility of Devilfish-mounted Pathfinders, Hudson's team not only provided valuable intelligence on the location and strength of Waa Ozkar but also used salvos of seeker missiles to immobilize the ramshackle enemy scouting vehicles.
Leader of the cadre's Broadside team, Shas'vre Sa'cea Zim, standing next to one of a line of alien tombs. It was here that the massed firepower of Cadre El'rico stopped the Orkish advance in the Battle of Indus Planatia.Vre'Zim on watch near an alien tomb
Gunship Va'vesa on patrol
Hammerhead Gunship Va'vesa ("The Waymaker"), on anti-guerilla patrol over the aquaculture pens of Buela Prime. Note the secondary K-8 type sun in the background; the high electrical interference from its solar wind made sensor sweeps unreliable, which extended the guerilla campaign by years. Note also the relatively undamaged state of the gunship, which was later famous for the amount of battle damage it endured and number of rebuilds it underwent while still remaining in frontline service.

Created by Steven Patterson, last updated December 14, 2002
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