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Steve Patterson's Imperial Fleet: Battle Group Tovey

I named my fleet after the British ships who tracked down the German battleship Bismark during the famous sea battle in World War II. (We'll ignore their later fate in the Pacific, thank you...) I've also tried to mimic their composition, with a weak carrier group and an emphasis on capital ships rather than escorts. Not only does this match the contents of the boxed sets (except for the battleship) but it also makes for a challenging and fun fleet to play.
Battle Group Tovey's core formation
Admiral Tovey's flagship, the Retribution-class battleship Quintus Georgeous Rex. Designed with long-range weapons batteries on the broadsides, and long-range lances and an awesome torpedo salvo to the forward, the Q.Geo.Rex is ready to support the fleet at range without risking the Admiral's staff to close-in fire. Add in massive shielding and a dense array of self-defense turrets for added security, and the command staff should be able to direct the battle without interruption. Admiral Tovey's flagship, the Retribution-class Quintus Georgeous Rex

Created by Steven Patterson, last updated December 5, 2002
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