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Tom Frank's Imperial fleet: Battle Group Galactica

Battle Group Galactica's core formation
Battle Group Galactica's core formation. The fleet is painted to reflect the "rag-tag, fugitive fleet" from the popular '70s television series and concentrates heavily on ordnance for its offensive and defensive power.
Admiral Adama's flagship, the Galactica, with escort
Admiral Adama's flagship, the Despoiler-class battleship Galactica. Tom converted this battleship as part of the Battlefleet Gothic ship design contest. In the foreground are his Viper fighters, each painted to reflect one of the squadrons from the television series. At the top right is the Golden Throne [heresy! - ed.], a Sword-class frigate painted in rescue colours. In carrier fleets, it's common to have an escort vessel tasked as an "angel" to recover pilots who crash on take-off or landing.
Signy Mallory's Norway
The Mars-class battlecruiser Norway, captained by Signy Mallory, named after the vessel and captain from the C.J.Cherryh novel Downbelow Station. Norway often supports Galactica by supplying fighter cover while the flagship concentrates on generating strike waves. The Nova cannon doesn't hurt either...
Lutjens' Bismark
The Dominator-class heavy cruiser Bismark captained by Gunther Lutjens. The massive strength of weapons batteries supports the fleet, while its Nova cannon breaks up enemy formations.
The cruiser Aurora
The Lunar-class heavy cruiser Aurora, named after the cruiser made famous in the Russian Revolution.
The light cruiser Hazzard
The Dauntless-class light cruiser Hazzard, equipped with torpedos to support the ordnance strength of Galactica and Aurora. The ship is named and painted for another popular 70s TV series, The Dukes of Hazzard
431 Squadron, Sword frigates
431 Squadron of Sword frigates, named after and painted in the livery of the Canadian Armed Forces' Snowbirds Air Demonstration Squadron. In BG Galactica they don't fly quite as tight a formation but do provide invaluable close-ranged battery fire. The Golden Throne usually joins this formation.
8-Ball squadron, Cobra destroyers
Eight-ball Squadron of Cobra torpedo destroyers, shown from the rear for a clear view of the nose-art painted on each base. Tom has painted insignia on all of the bases in his fleet (even the fighters!) to represent IFF signals, as if the game table was a command display on board a starship.

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