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Tom Frank's Imperial Guard Army: The People's Militia

Colonel Vissonovaryich and his retinue Colonel Josip Vissonovaryich and his command HQ group, including Convict Brusilov (with his lascannon) and a militia preacher in commissariat uniform.
The People's Militia lives and dies by the God of Battles, its artillery. Here is a squad of mortars, an important part of the HQ's firepower.Some of the People's Militia artillery
Anti-tank squad Another element of the Militia's firepower is this anti-tank squad. Note some first-edition Genestealer Hybrids... their ultimate fate in the rabidly pro-Human militia is as yet undetermined.
However, the Militia's definition of Human is more flexible than some in the Administratum. This squad of Ogryn does indeed somehow qualify, even the bucktoothed one in the hat.Ogryns and their Chimera
Command squad, 1st platoonHere's the Lieutenant of first platoon, with missile launcher team, grenade launcher, and plasma gun. Note the plasma gunner's previous encounters with overheats, a la the Lord Humongous of Mad Max fame.
First squad of the rifle platoon with heavy bolter team and plasma gunner.Rifle squad
Daughters of MalibuSecond squad of the rifle platoon, formerly the Daughters of Malibu street gang. Either they volunteered for or were impressed into the Militia, depending upon who's talking. Note the autocannon support weapon, good for both personnel and light armour.
The armoured fist squad's Chimera. Not only does it give mobility to the Militia, it also helps bulk out their firepower with a total of 8 dice. (14 if the squad is mounted!)Chimera IFV
Chimera interiorTom custom-detailed the interior of the Chimera, including adding a turret basket and grips to the firing-port lasguns.
The centrepoint of Tom's army must be his heavily modified Basilisk. Closing the top and adding all the external sights and attachment points gives it that "almost real" feel.Basilisk SPA
Basilisk interiorTom also heavily customized the Basilisk's interior, adding numerous details using historical photographs. A big help was a walk-around tour of American artillery vehicles gained when a nearby US Army base had an Open House. If you're thinking of making your own conversions, this is a good way to get ideas on what to put on.

Painting and photography by Tom Frank.
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