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  • The City of London's official web site
  • London Tourism's web site
  • The University of Western Ontario web site
  • Visit The Grand Theatre of London
  • London's downtown skyline
    The North West London Gamers' Group is based in London, Ontario, Canada. Originally formed by a group of friends going to the University of Western Ontario, the group took its name from the part of London where it met; our members lived in the northwest part of the city, near the University campus. Most of our members have since moved out of the area, and new members from outside northwest London have joined, but we still meet occasionally in the city so the name has stuck. As a highly informal group we don't have a fixed location for our meetings, but meet at each others' homes when mutually convenient. (Which some would say is not often enough, but isn't that always the case?...)

    About London

    Founded in 1793, London is now a bustling city of 340 000 located centrally in the Southwestern Ontario region. Nicknamed "The Forest City" for its abundant tree growth within city limits, London hosts such industrial giants as GM Defense, 3M, Kellogg's, Labatt's, and the nearby Ford Talbotville plant. It is home to the University of Western Ontario with it's prestigeous Richard Ivey School of Business and London Health Sciences Center, as well as Fanshawe College. Major financial (Great West Life Assurance, TD-Canada Trust, Royal Bank) and service (Bell Canada) firms also make their homes here, taking advantage of London's central location and the convenience of the London International Airport and downtown VIA Rail station.

    Culturally London is home to the Grand Theatre (established in 1901), Orchestra London, the McIntosh Gallery, and London Regional Art and Historical Museum. It hosts the London Knights hockey team out of the new John Labatt's Centre downtown arena, which is also a venue for major events such as the 2002 Cher and Guns 'n Roses concerts.

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