Evolutionary Pragmatism

A Discourse on a Modern Philosophy

For the 21stCentury

By Stuart A.  Burns

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 The essays attached to this Home Page are the results of my contemplations.   They are offered here on the Web for your entertainment.   And in the hope that I might generate some interesting, educational, and entertaining discussions.   Please feel free to send me your comments, questions, or suggestions at - saburns@sympatico.ca   For more about me, please see my Personal page.

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25 Books You Really Should Read 

A List of 25 books (and some Honourable Mentions) that I recommend.

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I make no claim to any monopoly on good ideas.  I don't even claim that the ideas contained in these essays are uniquely my own.  At best, what creativity I have contributed has been the concatenation of good ideas borrowed from others.  The Bibliography contains many of the reference works from which I have borrowed some of these ideas.  And the Footnotes scattered throughout will point the interested to specific sources I have employed for specific essays.

In this modern age of Internet access, vast amounts of material written by other authors is readily available for cut-and-paste use.  Throughout this work, I have borrowed heavily from materials I have found on the net.  I have tried to give credit to the authors, where I have been able to determine the author.  But I have not always been successful.  So, I will apologize in advance to anyone who might find here, material of his or her own creation without suitable credit.  I will be more than happy to correct such oversights, when so advised.


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