Welfare Utilitarianism 

Classis Utilitarianism, described by Bentham and Mill, depends on the calculus of collective net "Utility".  And in Classic Utilitarianism, and all of its variants, the concept of "Utility" is couched in terms of the individual's subjective evalustion of pleasure, happiness, pain, misery, preferences, motives, or dispositions.  In other words, Classic Utilitarianism is dependend on the individual moral agents personal and subjective evaluaation of the particular conception of "utility" involved.  Even Rule Utilitarianism, in its pre-evaluation of the Rules to apply, must use the collective of individual and personal assessment of "utility".

Welfare Utilitarianism, on the other hand, basis its calculus on the notion of collective net "Welfare".  Where this concept is framed in terms of something more objectively meansurable than subjective personal evaluations.  The most common variant defines "Welfare" in standard economic terms.  Hence Economic Welfare Utilitarianism argues that alternative that provides "the greatest good for the greates number" comes down to the alternative that provides the greatest net economic welfare for the greatest number.   

Other variants of Welfare Utilitarianism expand the "welfare" concept beyond the simple economic definition, by providing some additional meansures that it is claimed standard economics doies not properly deal with.  Some examples include the protection of the individual by various "rights", stndards of health,  and social progress (see, for example, http://www.socialprogressimperative.org/global-index/).

The primary impetus behind Welfare Utilitarianism, is to ground the calculus on onjectively measurable phenomenon, so that the "Greatest Good for the Greatest Number" can be scientifically investigated independent of how (or even whether) people might happen to think about the matter.

Still, Welfare Utilitarianism is still Utilitarianism, even though it is no longer hedonistic.  It still suffers all of the problems that poison Classsic Utilitarianism.

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