Essays from my University of London BA Philosophy Studies

Philosophy of Logic - [235P070]

  1. Is there a satisfactory account of the truth of the sentence "Santa Claus does not exist'?
  2. Defend what you think is the best account of Proper Names.
  3. Can there be a satisfactory account of the notion of correspondence employed in the claim that 'a proposition or statement is true if it corresponds to the facts'?
  4. Should we treat indicative and counterfactual conditionals differently? Justify your answer.
  5. In what way, if any, do possible worlds ground the notions of necessity and possibility?
  6. What does the deflationary theorist mean by saying that truth is not a genuine property of statements? Is the deflationary theory itself true?
  7. What is the best way to explain the concept of analyticity?
  8. Can there be a convincing justification for deductive reasoning?
  9. Could the statement "The present Prime Minister might not have been the present Prime Minister,' be true? Explain your answer.
  10. How can we best understand the notion of necessity?
  11. How can one justifiably distinguish true counterfactual conditionals from false ones, given that all such conditionals have false antecedents?
  12. 'Truth entails coherence, not vice versa.' Does this refute coherence theories of truth?
  13. ╦ťOne can understand the claim, "The baby has been sick all day', without supposing there is one and only one baby in the world. So Russell's theory of definite descriptions is wrong." Discuss.
  14. Can the sentence "The man over there drinking Martini is a philosopher' be true even though nothing satisfies the definite description? Justify your answer.