Some Questions and Answers

The following questions were gleaned from those submitted to "Ask a Philosopher".   The particular questions I have elected to answer and record here, were those that piqued my interest.   There is no other rational for their inclusion in this list.   The answers shown here are those that I have submitted to that Pathways of Philosophy site.     They can be found at the Pathways to Philosophy on the various questions and answers pages.

You can peruse the following index of questions grouped by topic.   Or you can scan the questions in the order of publication by following these links:  

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Metaphysics -- Where Am I? -- Non-Naive Realism -- "What there is, is what you see!"

Philosophy of Mind

Epistemology -- How do I know? -- Pragmatism -- "What you see is what you get!"

Ethics -- What ought I do? -- Evolutionism -- "To Thine Own Self Be True!"

Applied Ethics

Political Philosophy   --   Classical Liberalism

Religious Philosophy

Miscellaneous Questions