The Original Cal Line

These pages are from a circa 1968 brochure from Jensen Marine. They are only photocopies but it shows some what the original Cal's looked like.

(Thanks to Chris Ackerman for these pages.)

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From the 20 to the 48 footer, and from Bill Lapworth's drawing board to the finish line of all the major yacht races, Cal boats have displayed unparalled winning consistency. And, from the 48 footer to the 20 footer, Cal boats are spacious, comfortable, "people-sized" cruising auxiliaries.

Cal boats are winning by design. Built in all fiberglass by Jensen Marine, they feature Bill Lapworth's famous formula for speed - long waterline, light displacement hull, low wetted surface to sail area ratio, powerful sail plan, and spade rudder for positive control.

The long waterlines that give Cal boats extra speed also give them roomier accommodations. Long waterlines and short overhangs provide more living space below deck, and the raised deck design on the smaller Cal boats gives them wide level decks for efficient racing plus much larger cruising accommodations.

The interiors of Cal boats are finished in rich mahogany and exteriors are trimmed in teak. With their one piece fiberglass hulls, integrally molded decks and cockpits, molded in colors and non-skid surfaces, aluminum masts and booms, and stainless rigging, Cal boats are virtually maintenance free. Their exceptionally high resale value - due to fiberglass, racing successes, Lapworth design and strong class organizations - protects your boating investment.

You'll see, looking through this brochure, that Cal boats were designed for varying purposes and purses. But no matter which one you choose, you'll enjoy racing or cruising her. And why not pick up a few trophies along the way?

The Cal Team

Jack Jensen

The motivating force behind the success of Cal boats is Jack Jensen. President of Jensen Marine Corp. Any weekend you're apt to find Jack sailing the Catalina Channel in his Cal 34 "Allegre" or racing on another Cal boat in local regattas. You'll also find him at the big ones - Transpac, Bermuda, etc. Practicing, racing, continually observing the many details that make a boat go, combining his observations with his engineering training, and incorporating them into Cal boats is Jack Jensen's life and love. No wonder Cal boats win.

Bill Lapworth

From racing catboats on the Detroit River at age 12 to designing Cal boats, Bill Lapworth has inadvertently made himself famous. The years he spent racing small boats influenced his design concepts - his preference for light displacement. But when asked why he settled on light displacement design he answered, "Money. The cost factor meant a lot, and light displacement construction is generally less expensive."

The success of his early light displacement designs, which included the L 36 and the first Cal boat, the Cal 24, led to the design of the triumphant Cal 40 - 2 time SORC, Transpac and Bermuda Race winner. An active racer, in great demand as helmsman and crew, Bill is constantly testing his designs and theories. Combine design knowledge and actual experience with a creative mind and you have a naval architect whose success is legendary. Fortunately, he continues - on his most successful family of designs, Cal boats.