A fast, safe 21-foot retractable keel boat for racing-cruising fun from Jensen/Lapworth


The CAL 21 is a new concept in sailboat design...it's a comfortable cruising sailboat that is easily within the budget of most families. It features a new fully retractable keel which means it's no longer necessary to rent dock space or a mooring for your boat. The CAL 21 stores neatly on a trailer in your garage or driveway until you use it. It can then be launched in a matter of minutes and in only 12 inches of water. A special hinged mast lets you quickly and easily rig the boat for sailing. The entire launching and rigging procedure takes less than fifteen minutes.

When sailing the big 360 pound keel makes the CAL 21 totally self-righting...no need to worry about tipping over, she always comes back upright, and the cockpit is self draining...making the CAL 21 one of the safest sailboats afloat.

The attractive interior has ample cruising accommodations for the average-sized family. It sleeps four in full-sized berths and there is room for two more in the big 8-foot cockpit. There is also space for a marine head and galley range. All of this easy sailing cruising fun is available for less than the cost of an average automobile.


A boat designed to go places:

On land she trailers like a small centerboarder and afloat the easily driven hull and efficient sail plan do more than make her fast. The long waterline, high aspect ratio keel and spade rudder give the CAL 21 outstanding handling characteristics, sensitive and responsive in a light breeze, stable and secure in a "blow". The CAL 21 gives the safety, stability and performance of a well designed keel boat and the flexibility and ease of handling found only in centerboard boats. A true low cost boat for family fun that most everyone can afford. Fully equipped ready for cruising, including heavy duty tilting trailer and outboard motor the CAL 21 coats less than the average sedan. Bill Lapworth has designed into the CAL 21 the same characteristics that have enabled CAL boats to win more races than any other production fiberglass boats in the world. Jensen Marine builds every CAL 21 to the same rigid specifications as the other incredibly successful CAL boats. The large proportion of woven roving in the hull layup assures great impact resistance and strength. Color and non-skid surfaces are molded in for long-lasting durability and appearance.

Cockpit big enough for the entire crew:

The spacious 8-foot cockpit is self bailing and has handy stowage for sails and other gear. With a large crew aboard the seats convert easily into two berths for sleeping under the stars. Auxiliary power in the form of a small outboard mounted on the special transom bracket will push the CAL 21 along at 5 knots.





Bright, well-arranged interior:

The efficient use of space gives the CAL 21 an amazing amount of interior room. Large double "V" berth forward, two full-sized single berths, galley range counter space and a special enclosure for a marine head are standard items for each CAL 21. All berths are durable vinyl covered foam rubber for comfort and long life.

Counter tops and all interior trim is hand finished, natural grain mahogany. Unusually good ventilation is provided for the interior by the two large fiberglass sliding hatches, and the two large, fixed aluminum-frame windows brighten the cabin with natural light.

Cruise on land or water:

The CAL 21 was designed for mobility and can be trailed as easily as an outboard. The special retractable keel is designed so that it is completely recessed within the hull for trailering. It remains locked in this position until the boat is launched at which time it is simply lowered to the sailing position by means of a special winch. With the keel retracted and the detachable rudder off, the boat is free to slide into the water without a snag. Rigging the mast is a quick and easy operation because of the hinged mast. Just attach the side stays, walk the mast up and secure the forestay. For trailering the mast stores neatly and securely on top of the boat and is readily accessible when you reach the water. While on the road your CAL 21 becomes a convenient house trailer. Instead of using a motel you can just pull off the road, climb aboard and you have the same cruising accommodations as you would afloat.

1970 Magazine ad/review