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Jensen California 28

First launched in 1963 (?) as a family sized racer cruiser based on the style of the popular Cal 20, the Cal 28 "Flat Top" was replaced in 1970 by the "Pop Top" Cal 27.

Designed by C. William (Bill) Lapworth, the 28 was the 4th design built by Jensen in California. Originally called The California 28, as were the other early models, the name was soon shortened to Cal. At it's height in the mid 70's Cal/Jensen was one of the largest fiberglass yacht builders in North America. The Cal line went from the Cal 20 up to the Cal Cruising 46.

The Cal claim to fame came from the Cal 40, the first fiberglass sailboat built with a fin keel, and a separate spade rudder. (The rudder on the 28 as it happens was the prototype for the Cal 40 rudder *) This configuration was considered "unsafe" for offshore racing by traditional yacht designers, but the Cal 40 proved to be a safe FAST design that beat the stiffest competition of the day. Lapworth and Jensen soon became known for fast designs in their other models as well.

* from an interview with Mr Lapworth in Soundings Aug/95

Hull & Sail Plan Drawing from a 1969 owners manual

Specifications from brochure

Cal 28 Ad from a 1967 Yachting Magazine

Auxiliary Power

Old Flat Top Restoration