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A. Before you start asking your research questions you need to be clear about what you need to find out. Use the following to help you:
  • Brainstorming or webbing to sort out the most important ideas.
  • Decide on your exact topic and write it down.
  • Ask questions about your topic that you think will help you find out the important ideas and information.


B. Questions to Start Your Research With:

     Use the 5 W's:

Fact Questions:
  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where


Thinking Questions:
  • Why
  • How


Think about your questions:

1. Test each of your questions:

  • Does it have a yes/no answer?
  • Does it have a one word answer?
  • Does it ask for a list?

    These are all Level 1 questions. Try for more thinking ones.

2. Can your question be answered? (With the skill, resources and time that you have?)


C. After you have asked your questions and written them down you need to:

  • Plan what information you need to search for and how you are going to find it.