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How to find books and media in the library

Every book in the library is given a unique call number to serve as an address for locating the book on the shelf. That number is on the white label on the spine of a book or other media. It is also on the upper left corner of the catalogue card. If you are using a computer catalogue the call number will be listed for each book or media item in your search results. 

An example of how the call number works as an address for a book is "Animals". This subject is given the number 599. To see what books the library currently has in on animals, go to the non-fiction shelves and find the books that have a 599 as part of their call number.

A list of some of the information you can find in the different Dewey Decimal areas, appears below. 

000-099: Lots of Things to Learn and Do
100-199: Problems, Feelings and Behavior
200-299: Different Beliefs
300-399: People, Laws and Government; Taking Care of our Planet
400-499: The Words We Use
500-599: Birds, Fish, Reptiles and Animals; Science, Space and Math
600-699: Your Body, Your Family, How Things are Made
700-799: Art, Entertainment, Sports and All that Fun Stuff
800-899: I Want to Read! I Want to Write!
900-999: Here and Around the World; History; Important People to Know