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If you do not find what you need on this page, ask your teacher-librarian.

You can:

Return to the home page, called  Research Process Helper .
Go to the Search page. It is the index for all the pages in the site.  Just click on the page you want.
Go back to the first step of the research process, at the Preparing for Research page.

Click on the back button on the tool bar in the upper left corner of the Netscape screen to go back to the page you were at last.

Click on the Go button on the menu bar at the top to the Netscape screen to see a list of the pages where you have recently been. 

Just click on the one you want, to go directly to it.

If you have questions:

Read the information a second time. Sometimes it takes two readings to really understand something. 

Follow the links and go back and forth, reading them a couple of times to get the context for what you are reading.

Ask your teacher-librarian, if she/he is nearby.

*To return to the Research Process Helper Home Page, click on the rocket button.

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