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This web site can act as a framework to support gifted and talented students as they work through the process of defining a question they want to answer or a topic they want to investigate, pursuing the information they need to solve the information problem, synthesizing their findings into a presentation, and evaluating what they have accomplished.  The Research Process Helper is a synthesis of current thinking about information problem-solving. The following diagram illustrates the thinking behind this site:

Bloom's Taxonomy of Thinking Skills is the foundation of the site. 

The Big6 Information Problem-Solving model is a research process model developed directly from Bloom's Taxonomy, the 6 steps of the research process corresponding to the 6 levels of thinking from lower order thinking skills to higher order thinking skills, described in Bloom's work. 

Information Studies K-12, published in 1999 by the Ontario School Library Association, has been  built from all of the key research models, including the Big6, and has been integrated with the Ontario Curriculum. A foundation of this model is metacognition, the metaskills of research being defined in consort with the Ontario Curriculum, as concepts/reasoning skills, organizing skills, communicating skills, and applying skills. The document informs this web site in the concentration of the 6 steps or stages defined by Bloom and the Big6 into a research process of 4 steps. It also contributes the focus on student metacognition or understanding of the skills and processes they are using. 

The Special Education Companion for Giftedness, from the Ontario Curriculum Unit Planner, March 2001, defines Giftedness and Differentiation & Program Development. It outlines the principles and purposes of gifted programming and details the kinds of opportunities that programs should provide for gifted students. 

Farringdon Program is listed here because this web site was field tested with the gifted and talented students, grades 6-8, of Farringdon Hill Enrichment Centre and was used by them as a framework for their Independent Studies work.