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To find the facts you need on the internet you need to do a search. There are many ways to do this. The KidsClick web site tells about all the different ways, but the one you will use most is the keyword search, number 4. (Click on the picture below to get to the KidsClick web site and then click on number 4.)


Example of How to Do an Internet Search: Pioneers

Look at your list of keywords.

Sample List: pioneers, Upper Canada, settlement, pioneer village, Aboriginal peoples, grist mill, blacksmith, trade, transportation, environment etc.

Think about what type of search will work best:

1. Simple keyword search: Pioneers

  • will find pages containing the word "pioneers"

  • will find hundreds of thousands of pages - too many

2. Literal string search: Pioneer Life Upper Canada

  • will look for each of the four words, not all four in one phrase

3. Advanced search: pioneer and life and Upper Canada

  • allows you to link words together

  • will find pages with all three words in the text

4. Natural phrase search: "Pioneer life in Upper Canada"

  • will find only pages with the actual phrase in quotation marks

5. Natural language search (Ask Jeeves for Kids web site does this.): How did Upper Canadian pioneers live?

  • will find documents with  "Upper Canadian",  "pioneers", and "live"