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You need to be a good listener to get the important information from a person you are interviewing, a television program or video, a person who is giving a speech or lecture, a discussion or a radio program or tape or cd.  There is a simple set of rules to good listening:

    Stop all other activities.

    Look directly at the speaker.

    Listen and reflect.

    React: Identify the important points; make mental pictures;

    React: record in point form;and make sketches.

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You need to be an active viewer because media such as videos, television, CD-ROMs, multimedia presentations and Web pages can offer a lot of useful information in a short time. 

    Look and listen for keywords and sub-topics.

    Look for facts, and opinions.

    Look for information in the images, the words and the music.

View the resource several times, if possible, for:

  1. an overview of the main topic

  2. subtopics

  3. specific information

  4. noting the facts you need


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