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Listening Check List for Preparing for Research

  • I look at the person who is speaking.

  • I keep my hands and feet quiet.

  • I listen without interruption.

  • I think about what I am being asked to do.

  • I listen for the following information and ask questions so I am clear about what I need to do.

What do I have to do: paragraph, pictures with sentences, report, presentation?


How long does it have to be and what else is expected (What should it look like? How many resources should I use?)?



What are the timelines for this task?


How will this be evaluated?




Reading Check List for Preparing for Research

  • I read the assignment sheet carefully to make sure I understand what I am being asked to do.
  • I ask the teacher questions to help me understand the assignment.
  • I read the evaluation information to see what is most important in this assignment.
  • I think about and plan what I need to do to get started.
What is the topic?


Why is the assignment important?


What should I be making sure I work on improving during this assignment? ( e.g. editing, respecting due dates, organizing my ideas...)


Where can I get information? (Experts, libraries, observation, video, etc.)