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How to Take Notes

1. Heading/Subtopic

  • Put each sub-topic at the top of its own page.

2. Facts/Ideas

  • Fold each page down the centre.
  • On the left side write the facts you find on your sub-topic.
  • On the right side of the fold, record your ideas/reflections.
  • Use both the facts and your ideas about them in your presentation.


    - four legs, tail, ....









  • This reminds me of .....

  • I think the author means...

  • I agree with...

  • These facts make me think that....

  • Perhaps...

3.  Begin taking your notes

  • Begin each fact with a dash - .
  • Use your own words.
  • Use a new line for each idea.
  • Decide what's important by looking at your questions and sub-topics.
  • Do not copy something that you do not understand.
  • Write down the source of the information:



Author. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date.


Ahmad, Nyla. Cybersurfer The OWL Internet Guide for Kids. Toronto, Ontario: OWL Books, 1996.



Read Your Notes

Read through your facts and ideas for each sub-topic.

Do they answer the question ?

If they don't answer your question, do more research.