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rhtitleontexpect.gif (10024 bytes) The Ontario Ministry of Education and Training has developed a series of new curriculum documents for grades K-12 over the last few years. These documents identify the expectations for learning in each of the curricula. All of the documents contain a strong theme of reasoning and critical thinking, problem-solving, and research.  Some of the expectations for grade 6, from three of the curriculum documents, are highlighted in the following chart to illustrate the strength of this theme in the documents.  This makes the need for students to learn the information-problem solving process and to develop their information skills in Ontario, Canada, clear.

Language Reading Specific Expectations: Reasoning and Critical Thinking
  • summarize and explain the main ideas in information materials (e.g. textbooks), and cite details that support the main ideas
  • make judgements and draw conclusions about ideas in written materials on the basis of evidence
  • plan a research project and carry out the research
Social Studies Canada and World Connections : Grade 6 - Canada and Its Trading Partners Specific Expectations: Developing Inquiry/Research and Communication Skills
  • formulate questions to facilitate the gathering and clarifying of information on study topics (e.g. Canada's connections to its major trading partners)
  • locate relevant information about Canada's exports and imports from a variety of primary sources (e.g. interviews, field trips, classroom speakers) and secondary sources (e.g. maps, illustrations, print materials, videos, CD-ROMs)
  • analyse, classify, and interpret information about the various regions of the United States and at least one other trading partner from another region of the world
  • construct and read a wide variety of graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, and models for specific purposes (e.g. to compare physical features of Canada and the United States)
  • communicate information about the various regions of the United States and a country from another region of the world, using media works, oral presentations, written descriptions, illustrations, tables, charts, maps, and graphs
Science and Technology Earth and Space Systems: Grade 6 - Space Specific Expectations: Developing Skills of Inquiry, Design, and Communication
  • formulate questions about and identify needs and problems related to objects and events in the environment,and explore possible answers and solutions...
  • plan investigations for some of these answers and solutions, identifying variables that need to be held constant to ensure a fair test and identifying criteria for assessing solutions
  • compile data gathered through investigation in order to record and present results...
  • communicate the procedures and results of investigations for specific purposes and to specific audiences, using media works, written notes...

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