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rhtitleorgthink.gif (9559 bytes)

writingpaperanimated.gif (4336 bytes)  Visual organizers help you to make your thinking visible.

They help you to:

  • generate ideas 

  • organize information and ideas

  • make connections about your learning

  • apply higher order thinking skills, such as contrast, comparison and synthesis of information

  • understand and remember your learning

  • plan how you will investigate, organize and present information

newguy-bulbanim.gif (1861 bytes) Planning and Organizing Your Research

A visual tool provides a bridge between the assignment and the end product.  It helps with the understanding of what is required by providing a framework for the task. There are several visual organizers or frameworks provided in or linked to from this web site, to help you make a successful journey from getting the research or Independent Study assignment to presenting and evaluating your project learning.

The first visual tool you should use is the Task Definition Chart.  This framework will help you to understand what you need to do to complete your research assignment or question.