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Presenting to Your Class or a Group:

Telling (Oral)

  • Speak to your audience.
  • Look at your audience.
  • Use your point form notes.
  • Speak clearly and loudly.

Showing (Visual)

  • Show charts, graphs, maps, video clips, slides or computer presentations to help tell about your project.
  • Use your visuals to help clarify your points.
  • Make sure your visuals can be seen easily by your audience.

Trying ( Written or Activity )

  • Give a handout to summarize your points or involve the audience in an activity that will help them to understand your points.
  • Offer time at the end of your presentation to answer questions.


Presenting in Writing or on a Web Page:


  • Write clearly with no spelling or grammar mistakes.

  • Write 12 point in a clear font if you are using a computer for a written presentation.

  • Write 12 to 14 point if you are creating a web page.

  • Write a beginning, a middle and an end.

  • List where you found your facts after the ending.

  • Follow your task instructions.

Showing (Visual)

  • Use clear drawings and pictures that help to show your facts and ideas.

  • Tell what each picture is.

  • Use only drawings and pictures that you have permission to use. (Check the copyright.)

Example: http://www.occdsb.on.ca/~sel/cahero/bondar_mon.htm