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rhtitlepresentations.gif (6961 bytes) There are many types of presentation. The audience you are planning to present to, as well as the type of ideas and information you wish to share, and the expectations of the assignment will all impact on the choice you make. The chart below lists some of the types of presentation and which audience they might work best for.



Type of Presentation                                                        (Multimedia is a combination of written, oral and visual, e.g. in a computer presentation or a web site.)

Written Oral Visual

One person

story, manual, report, book review, annotated bibliography, newspaper article, magazine article, document, letter, diary, script, book, story interview, report, telephone conversation project cube, page sized chart or diagram  

Small group

questionnaire, survey, scroll, scrapbook, pamphlet, booklet discussion group, seminar, debate cartoon or comic strip, photographs, photo essay, artifact, model, diorama, game, display

Large group

questionnaire, survey, advertisement, chart advertisement, lecture, talk show, song, debate, choral speech, lesson poster, timeline, web page, map, model, mobile, large diagram, puppet   show, skit, overheads

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