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rhtitlequestions.gif (3159 bytes) help you to get at the information you want.  You need to build your questioning skills so that you will be able to ask questions that will get you useful information.  Words that will help you to start your questions are:    


Asking Questions That Will Get You the Information:          

There are two types of questions, simple questions that can be answered with:  

yes or no

very short answers

facts only

Examples of simple questions:

When was Roberta Bondar born?

What is her favourite colour?

Where does she live?

and research questions that can be answered with:

detailed information

interesting ideas

pointers to other questions and information

Examples of research questions:

Why did Roberta Bondar choose to become an astronaut?

How did Roberta Bondar get to go on a space shuttle mission?

What did Roberta Bondar learn through her experiments in space?


How Will You Know That You Have a Good Research Question?

A good focus research question will be a level 3 or 4 in the following rubric.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
When was Roberta Bondar born? What space missions did Roberta Bondar go on? How did Roberta Bondar get to fly on
the space shuttle Discovery as a payload specialist on the first International Microgravity Laboratory Mission?
Why were Roberta Bondar's experiments on the space shuttle Discovery important to her, to women, to Canada, and to science?


Deciding What's Important

Once you have your research questions developed, it's time to look at them closely to find the keywords you will need in your search for information. Click on the title link above, to go to the "Deciding What's Important" page.