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rhtitleresearchplan.gif (8871 bytes)It's important to organize yourself for research.  Once you have brainstormed, narrowed your topic, checked to see if the topic will work to do the assignment, and developed your questions, you need to get organized and plan how you will do the research.  You need to:

Create a folder to keep your work organized.  You can make one with construction paper or a file folder.

Make up a Contents page to track everything you put in your folder.

Include your assignment instructions, your brainstorming, your topic decision making work, your research plan and all of the research checklists, notetaking, rough drafts etc. that you do during the research process.

Create a Research Plan with a planner like the one below.

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Research Process Planner            Name:_____________________

     Topic: ___________________________




Key Words:




Where can I get the information I need to answer my question or solve my information problem?


What resources will I use?



What will I need to do to find and record the important information from the resources?


What will I need to do to organize my information and think about what my findings and solutions will be?



Transferring Learning
What will I need to do to share my findings and solutions?

How will I know how I did?



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Think about what resources you might use and where to get them.

Have You Planned to Check These Resources?


Information Sources

Home books & magazines telephone book myself, family & friends, & objects Internet
Classroom texts CD-ROMs objects Internet
School Library Information Centre books, reference books:encyclopedia, atlas, almanac, dictionary, magazine indexes, magazines, other indexes  i.e. telephone book CD-ROMs videos, kits, pictures, pamphlets, objects Internet
Community Public Library Museums Experts Internet

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