Special Thanks to:

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Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz, for ideas from their various articles, books, courses and web sites on the Big6  information problem solving model.

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Ontario Ministry of Education and Training, for information from: 

Ontario School Library Association, for ideas and information from the "Information Studies: Kindergarten to Grade 12 "  document, 1999.

Scarborough Board of Education and Carol Koechlin and Sandi Zwaan, for ideas from their "Teacher Edition: Connections: A Junior Skillsbook" , 1995 and subsequent workshops, articles and books.

Thames Valley District School Board, for affirmation of ideas in their "On Your Own 2000: A practical guide to research, writing and information literacy." 2000. (Contact OLA to purchase at $8.00 per copy plus tax and shipping. Discounts for large orders.)