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rhtitlewebbing.gif (4412 bytes)A web that starts like the one below helps you to get your brainstorming ideas on paper.  The circles are for the ideas and the lines to show the links between ideas.  When you are finished brainstorming with a web, you can look at the web to find groups of ideas and begin to think about questions, keywords and sub-topics.

brainstormingweb.GIF (3525 bytes)


inspiration_animatedhead.gif (54839 bytes)

Try Inspiration on the designated workstations in class, for a variety of visual approaches to brainstorming and other ways of organizing your thinking.  You might want to go to the Inspiration web site to download a free 30 day trial version at home.  

To see the kinds of graphic organizers you can create with Inspiration and learn more about how to use them, go to the Graphic Organizer Web Site.


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