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  The Play's the Thing Shakespearean Web Quest Expectations

The Ontario Curriculum Grades 1-8: Language and The Arts

Ontario Library Association: Information Studies K-12

Grade 6

6e64 Oral and Visual Communication Media Communication Skills identify the various types of professionals involved in producing a media work (e.g., news writer, photographer, camera operator, film director) and describe the jobs they do;

6e44 Reading Vocabulary Building understand specialized words or terms, as necessary (e.g., medieval in a historical novel);

Inquiry & Research: Reasoning - deconstruct media works p.31

Information Technology: Communicating - contribute information to a class web page p.64

Grade 7

7a67  The Arts Drama & Dance Creative Work interpret and present scripts, paying attention to the subtext, characters, and setting;


Inquiry & Research: Applying - begin to recast a product in a new format for a range of purposes and audiences p.34

Information Technology: Reasoning - analyse a specific problem and select and use appropriate tools to solve it in a variety of technological formats p.65

Grade 8

8e63 Oral and Visual Communication Group Skills work with members of their group to establish clear purposes and procedures for solving problems and completing projects;


Inquiry & Research: Applying - recast a product in a new format for a range of purposes and audiences p.36

Information Technology: Applying - use a variety of electronic reference and telecommunication tools to build a knowledge base on a topic p.66

* Note: This Web Quest was designed for grades 6, 7 and 8 in a gifted program.