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Fig Cuttings

Fig cuttings give growers the opportunity to quickly amass many varieties for much less cost than by purchasing fig trees. The cuttings can be purchased through PayPal or by sending us an e-mail request and we can send you invoice.  Fig cuttings are approximately 6-8" with 3 nodes.

List of JCJ fig cuttings available:

Paypal Online Fig Cuttings Orders

You can order 3 fig cuttings of each variety at a time.  add all items to PayPal cart then add shipping option before checkout.   Shipping cost can cover the cost of shipping up to 12 cuttings and you can choose your tracking options.

Fig Cuttings 3 each of
Premium Fig Cuttings 3 each of
Some fig varieties not shown on the PayPal cart may be available check JCJ fig list or send us an e-mail with your other choices and we will check and get back to you.

Select your shipping option for order here now: 

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Link to Order Popular Fig Trees

Additional shipping NOTE: 

Some fig varieties are limited quantities available on a 1st come basis.

We are located in Canada. For other countries buyer is responsible for any import permits or other requirements for their country.

Seller assumes no responsibility for international and other post office services.

Buyer accepts responsibility to meet their countries local Customs Laws including any required import permits or duties

We can arrange a phytosanitary certificate for many countries. The cost of the certificate depends on the country and takes 2 weeks to order. E-mail us for more information or to place an order.

For appointments, questions, suggestions or Orders e-mail us at: