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Fig Trees

Fig trees are available in many sizes from 1 year old plants to 10 year old fully fruit bearing plants. The fig trees can be purchased through PayPal, interbank transfer, by cheque or cash.   The fig trees can be picked up at our Vineland location by appointment or shipped leafed out and growing in summer and bare root after figs go dormant in November .  Shipping price varies with your location.

List of JCJ fig trees for sale

Available fig trees ready for shipping now;

Hardy Chicago, Dalmatie, Bolzano Nero, Lattarula, Bifara, Black Mission, Mary Lane Seedless, Anatolian Green, Fico Bianco, Excel, Fico Nero, Alma, Neveralla, Desert King, Baka/Bekaa, Drap d'Or, Ficazzana, Gillette/Croisic, Stella, Sucrette, Melanzana ,Black Jack, LSU Gold, Sal's EL/Gene, Marseilles Black VS, Bianchetta, Bisiri Black, E.Brown Turkey, Goutte d' Or, LSU Hollier, Violette de Bordeaux, Blue Giant, Sultane, Bourjasotte Noire, Ciccio Nero, Spanish Gold, Celeste, Early Violet, California BT, Brunswick.

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Select PayPal button below for online purchase. For fig tree varieties not shown you can send us an e-mail with your custom request and we will verify your order and send you invoice. 

Fig Trees (small)

If you purchased more than one tree we will combine shipping automatically when order processed. For shipping overseas or to add tracking select shipping adjustment below before checkout;
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We are located in Ontario, Canada.

Buyer is responsible for any import permits or other requirements for their country. Seller assumes no responsibility for international and other post office services.
Buyer accepts responsibility to meet their countries local Customs Laws including any required import permits or duties.Import restrictions depend on destination customs laws. A Phytosanitary certificate can be ordered for many countries.

According to UC Davis fig trees can be grown un protected in climatic Zone 8 and up. Cooler climate growers will need to protect their figs in the winter or grow them in pots and bring them in for the winter. Dormant bare root trees can be shipped November to May with no ill effect to the tree When you receive your tree simply soak in water overnight and plant in a suitable soil mix.