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Based on the available sources, the use of Sparkuhl(e) as a family name can be documented back to about 1600.† Zoder (1968) identifies it as originating in what is now Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) and lists the oldest recorded instance of the name as Harmen SPARKUHL in 1595 in the town of Hallerspringe (now Springe) near Hannover.†† The same source also cites Johann SPARKUHL in Wichtringhausen in 1689. The Lower Saxony State Society for Family History database contains and entry for Heinrich SPARKULE (sic) who was born in 1600 and died in Stadthagen in 1667 (JSA00313). The earliest reference in the International Genealogical Index is to Catharina SPARKUHL, born about 1623 in Hannover and married to Hans Harmening in 1644. Franz Sparkuhle married Gescke Knake in 1643 in Schaumburg-Lippe.† All of the Sparkuhl(e)s born before 1700 for which I have locations lived in Lower Saxony and all except one lived within 50 km to the south and west of the city of Hannover.


The one exception is earliest individual linked into my genealogy;† Johann Joachim SPARKUHLE was born about 1695 in Schöningen, Lower Saxony† about 100 km west of Hannover† and near† the city of Brunswick.

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